Lakewood Estates

Bar Lake, Fish Hook Lake and Beaver Lake

"Where everyday is a Vacation"



Lakewood Estates is a gated lake front community that is home to over 500 acres of trees and gorgeous lake front property. Bar Lake, Fish Hook Lake and Beaver Lake all have owners that include both vacation homes and full time residents. Swimming, boating and fishing: For swimming, the water is crystal clear and spring fed. For boating, the lakes are suitable for most types of watercraft including fishing boats, pontoon boats, jet skis and sail boats. For fishing, these lakes have some of the most diverse fisheries in central Illinois.

Lakewood residents experience a true connection to the great outdoors. A variety of wildlife can be seen; including a large population of white-tailed deer, fox, wild turkey, flying squirrels, white swans, cotton tail rabbit, muskrat, mink, beaver and  ground squirrels. Bald eagles are often seen taking fish from the lakes.

Lakewood has some of the best fishing anywhere in the area. The lakes are regularly stocked; there are large mouth bass, blue gill and crappie in considerable abundance. Eight pound bass have been caught in these lakes.

In the spring, the woods explode with a vibrant display of colorful wildflowers, including jack-in-the pulpits, violets and bluebells.

Kickapoo State Park and Kennekuk County Park are located two miles west of Lakewood. The middle fork of the Vermilion river flows through these parks and it is the only designated national scenic river in the state of Illinois. Together the middle fork reservoir and the two parks comprise of nine thousand recreational acres. Activities such as hunting, hiking, horseback riding, archery and canoeing are available.